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TMS Systems - IT Solutions for small and medium-sized businesses


Network Setup, Installation and Configuration

We will install new or upgrade existing local are networks, using either CAT6 cabling or wireless technology or a combination of both. We can supply and install the latest generation of file and print, email and database servers using the latest Microsoft platforms

Inter-Site Connectivity and Home-working

With the advent and general availability of broadband internet connections, home working and remote office connections has now become really cost-effective. Using secure VPN (Virtual Private Networking) technology, home-workers or remote offices can be connected to their main office across the Internet, to allow email and business applications to be run remotely at workable speeds. Voice-over-IP technology is also available to allow telephone voice links via the Internet for home-workers, thus reducing costs further.

We can provide a whole range of services to facilitate the move towards low-cost remote working

Internet Connectivity and Web Design

In conjunction with design partners, we can develop your web-site so that it maximises your ability both to advertise and to trade securely across the Internet. Even if you are not a multi-national corporation, there is no reason why your website cannot help you look the part, and process transactions to that standard.

Accounting Software

We have considerable expertise in installing, configuring and training with the popular accounting packages such as Sage Line 50. We can work with your accountants to ensure that your system is properly set up, and will provide hands-on assistance on all accounting issues.